1st Logo(1979-1990)Editar

Nicknames:The Roller Eye,EYEWORKS.Circle.

The logo is supervised in EYE.WORKS.INC

Sounds:A sound but the le.go blocks.


On GDR:Superstar From GBC,The Logo is supervised in a curtain.

On NFS:The first pilot,The INC Letter is gone.

2nd Logo(1990-2000)(GDR Studio)Editar

Nicknames:GDR Main.

Sound:None.(On N64 Releases).(In PS1 And GB,A Lighty Sound.)

The logo is Skinny.


On Circlo From PS1,The Lighty,Is tinted in balls.

On GTV From PS2,The 1990 Logo is demorated.

On Auto 2000 From GBC,The logo is supervised In a wheel.

3rd Logo(2000-2011)Editar

Nicknames:Eye III,The Rainy Eye.

Logo:The Logo is captured in a rain.


In Music Lunch From PC,The Logo Is Skinny.

In GDRU,The logo is Raining scary.

4th Logo(2011-)(Parody from WB Games)Editar

Is a parody from warner bros games logo.

Nicknames:Warner Eye.

Logo:The logo animates in the 2011 WBIE Logo.

Music:The WBIE 2011 Logo.


In TAOG Trailer,The 2011 Logo Is Streched In a Diamond.

In Auto IV,The 2011 Logo Is A Wheel.

In GTA IV RT,The 2011 Logo Is Animates.